Dog Boarding

When you’re away, your dog gets to play

Sleeping dog snuggled in a blanket at Woof Central dog boarding

Woof Central Dog Boarding: The next best thing to being at home

When you travel for business or pleasure, let your dog vacation at Woof Central Dog Boarding. Your furry family member will enjoy spacious playrooms, a dedicated staff, daily activities, a private den or suite and plenty of canine friends.

  • Your choice of a cozy, private den or suite
  • Meals served up to three times a day in their own private space
  • Special requests are part of the routine (medications, special food needs, extra naps, care or health needs)
  • A full day of daycare play
  • All the wags, wiggles and belly rubs your dog needs

An entire day of play makes Fido a tired dog!

Our boarding dogs play all day with our daycare groups. After all that mental and physical exercise, our doggies are more than ready to snuggle in for a good night’s rest so they can have at it again the next day.

Our staff is trained to understand the complexities of dog interactions and the dynamics of group play. They are also excellent at meeting the needs of all of our daycare and boarding dogs.

From medications given, to feeding instructions to watching for a dog that needs more rest during their play day, our dog handlers get to know your dog and understand what he needs to make his stay more comfortable, and more fun.

Ready to serve

We designed our dog boarding facility to provide a clean, comfortable, and secure environment for your dog’s stay.

  • Climate-controlled building
  • Outdoor relief area
  • Vet-grade air exchange system
  • Proactive cleaning protocols
  • Double gated entrances, exits and transition areas
  • Playgroups separated by size, age and play style
A Day in the Life

7am Morning Routine
Our Woof Central Day starts with a potty break in our outdoor relief yard.

Dogs return to find their dens or suites tidied up and breakfast served.

All dogs have a full hour to eat and digest before they join in the fun for the day.

8:30am Morning Playtime!
Boarding dogs join the daycare dogs for group play, cuddle time, bubbles, toy time and doggie games.

All dogs take a mid-morning potty break in our outdoor relief area.

11:30 Mid Day Break
Lunch and naptime served on request, or if your dog needs a break based on their age, health, behavior or length of stay.

This is a great time for your dog to have a special Kong or bone treat in his “room”.

1pm Afternoon Playtime!
Boarding dogs join the daycare dogs for group-play, cuddle time, bubbles, toy time and doggie games.

All dogs take a mid-afternoon potty break in our outdoor relief area.

5pm Dinner Time
Late afternoon finds them back to their home away from home with dinner and another good hour of downtime and digestion time.

Then out for another hour or so of play and a final potty break.

Lights out, soothing music and well deserved slumber.

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Boarding Rates

Woof Central is proud to offer a convenient dog boarding location, and a simple pricing structure that includes a full day of play with our daycare dogs.

Our boarding dogs play all day with our daycare dogs so they’re ready to snooze at night.

Doggie Dens: $41.50
Doggie Suites: $46.50

Ask about our same-suite discount

New Dog Forms

Boarding Registration

Boarding Contract

All new boarding dogs must pass a group play evaluation (Click here to schedule your FREE Day) and meet all of the Woof Central Play Requirements.

Woof Central Boarding FAQ

Lobby Hours

Monday - Friday
7am - 7pm

8am - 12 noon 6pm - 8pm

8am - 10am 6pm - 8pm

Grooming Hours

Monday - Saturday
By appointment only


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