Dog Daycare

A Doggie Daycare Playground for City Dogs

A Viszla and black and white dog running at dog daycare

Woof Central Dog Daycare: A great place to get the wiggles out!

Woof Central doggy daycare provides top-notch care for our dogs and peace of mind for our owners with personalized attention to each and every dog. We love giving ear scratches and belly rubs just as much as the dogs love receiving them.

Woof Central offers Twin Cities dogs over 5,000 square feet of climate controlled indoor play space for our daycare and boarding dogs to romp or relax with their human and canine friends. After a day of exercise, socialization, and attention, your dog will be all wagged out and ready to curl up at your feet.

  • We clean faithfully to keep all of our clients healthy and comfortable.
  • Our professional grade air exchange system keeps fresh air circulating all day long
  • Indoor climate control buffers our lovely Minnesota temperature swings
  • Our outdoor area gives your dog access to a relief area and plenty of fresh air 4-5 times a day

Custom Dog Daycare Play Groups

Our space is divided into 4 separate play areas to allow our Pack Leaders to place your dog with playmates according to temperament, age, size and playfulness. Our pack leaders are specially trained to manage dog daycare groups and foster healthy dog-to-dog relationships.

Enhanced dog daycare takes your dog’s day to the next level with one-on-one time, mental challenges for your dog, outdoor walks and specially matched smaller playgroups.

Why your dog loves to play with other dogs

Dogs are social animals by nature. They love to “pack around” with other well-socialized dogs, playing and teaching each other good doggie manners. Dogs also love to “work.” Since all dogs were bred for a purpose, many of their behaviors reflect this inner drive.

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Dog Daycare Rates

A full day of play with nap, meal and potty breaks.

Full Day: $29.50
Half Day: $20.50
Enhanced Play Day $39.50
(Enhanced Packages Available)

Doggie Play Passes*

Save check-in time and up to $60 (Passes expire in 90 Days)

5 full days: $142.50
5 half days:  $97.50

10 full days: $275
10 half days: $190

20 full days: $530
20 half days: $370

*See requirements for Woof Central dog daycare play


Daycare Registration

Daycare Contract

Requirements for Woof Central Dog Daycare
  • Your dog is friendly towards staff and other dogs
  • Passes temperament evaluation
  • Proof of current vaccination: Bordetella, Rabies, Distemper Hepatitis, Parainfluenza and Parvovirus
  • Flea and tick free
  • Proof of negative stool check
  • Physically healthy and ready for play
  • Completed application & signed contract
  • Reliable emergency contact
  • Dogs over 7 months must be spayed/ neutered
One dog kissing another dog in dog daycare

Lobby Hours

Monday - Friday
7am - 7pm

8am - 12 noon 6pm - 8pm

8am - 10am 6pm - 8pm

Grooming Hours

Monday - Saturday
By appointment only


6315 Penn Ave. S
Richfield, MN  55423