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Woof Central Dog Daycare

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8am–Noon / 6pm–8pm


8am–10am (by appointment)
6pm–8pm (by appointment)

Just off Crosstown

on Penn Avenue

6315 Penn Avenue South

Richfield, MN 55423

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At Woof Central we support the partnership between you and your dog with a safe, fun, amenity-packed doggie community. We offer lots of exercise, socialization, and attention so at the end of the day, your dog will be all wagged out and ready to curl up at your feet.

Everything you and your dog need when you can’t be together.

Why your dog loves to play with other dogs

Dogs are social animals by nature. They love to “pack around” with other well-socialized dogs, playing and teaching each other good doggie manners. Dogs also love to “work.” Since all dogs were bred for a purpose, many of their behaviors reflect this inner drive.

At Woof Central we work on doggie “jobs” and offer the perfect environment for good clean doggie fun.

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